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New Zealand Natives > 1 to 2 metres
NZ Native plants that grow approximately up to 2 metres in height.
General Plants > Coastal
Plants known to be OK in a coastal environment
General Plants
Mostly plants introduced to New Zealand
General Plants > Hedges
Plants suited to be used for hedges
New Zealand Natives
NZ Natives includes species, varieties and cultivars.
General Plants > Privacy
Plants that provide privacy
General Plants > Shelter, wind protection
Plants suggested for shelter or wind protection
General Plants > Widlife, habitat
Plants suited for improving wildlife habitat, and/or bird food
 Category List  
Azaleas (Evergreen) Azaleas (Evergreen)
Camellia Camellia
Fragrant Fragrant
hybrids hybrids
japonica japonica
Mauve Mauve
Most popular Most popular
Pink Pink
Red Red
sasanqua sasanqua
species species
White White
Conifers Conifers
Day Lilies Day Lilies
General Plants General Plants
Coastal Coastal
Dry banks Dry banks
Grasses Grasses
Groundcovers Groundcovers
Hedges Hedges
Narrow gardens Narrow gardens
Noise control Noise control
Privacy Privacy
Rockery Rockery
Shade Shade
Shelter, wind protection Shelter, wind protection
Shrubs 0 to 1 metre Shrubs 0 to 1 metre
Shrubs 1 to 2 metres Shrubs 1 to 2 metres
Shrubs over 2 metres Shrubs over 2 metres
Trees - Deciduous Trees - Deciduous
Trees - Evergreen Trees - Evergreen
Widlife, habitat Widlife, habitat
New Zealand Natives New Zealand Natives
0 to 1 metre 0 to 1 metre
1 to 2 metres 1 to 2 metres
Cabbage Trees Cabbage Trees
Flax Flax
Grasses Grasses
Groundcover Groundcover
Hebe Hebe
Over 2 metres Over 2 metres
Pittosporum Pittosporum
Trees Trees
Rhododendron Rhododendron
0 to 1 metre 0 to 1 metre
1 to 2 metres 1 to 2 metres
Apricot, Orange Apricot, Orange
Fragrant Fragrant
Mauve, Purple, Blue Mauve, Purple, Blue
Miniature Miniature
Over 2 metres Over 2 metres
Pink, Cerise Pink, Cerise
Red Red
White, Cream White, Cream
Yellow, Gold, Peach Yellow, Gold, Peach
 Item Details  
Griselinia littoralis Item Name:
Griselinia littoralis
Item #:
Produced By
Payless Plants - Te Awamutu
Payless Plants - Te Awamutu

NZ Native Broadleaf. Very hardy shrub with glossy green leaves can be used individually or as a hedge. Good for severe coastal sites. Prune to size and shape. evergreen. 2m.

 Quantity:  400 
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